St. John's Lutheran Church 

Salina, Kansas

Evangelical Lutheran

Church in America
302 S. 7th Street

Salina, Kansas 67401

One block west of Santa Fe.
The corner of 7th & Mulberry.


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Updated - October 17, 2019


St. John's Lutheran Church

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Bible Study Opportunities:

Monday - 12:15 pm - Women of Faith, church

Thursday - 6:45 am - Men's Bible Study

Bayard's Cafe, S. Broadway

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Worship Schedule:


    5:00pm, Chapel (traditional service)


Traditional service:

        8:15 am -Worship (traditional service)   

     9:30 am -Sunday school (Adults only)

    Contemporary Service:  

10:45 am, Praise & Worship service

Holy Communion 

1st and 3rd Saturday and Sundays.



Church Staff


Senior Pastor: Rev. Ed Foster

Director of Youth and Family Ministry:

Mr. Tyler Henoch

Adult Choir Director: Mrs. Jessica Hakoda

Church organist: Mrs. Susan Vignery

Parish Staff: Ms. Cloie Brevik

Maintenance Staff: Mr. Kent Moon


Weekly Office hours:

Monday-Friday, 8:30 am -5:30 pm